Timeout connecting to OpenManage after updating to version 9.2 - possible SSL issue?

After looking further into the tomcat logs, I found a message that said Keystore was tampered with or password was incorrect in the callstack of an error when trying to initialize the protocol handler. Something similar to what was mentioned here: https://www.dell.com/community/Systems-Management-General/OMSA-9-2-quot-Keystore-was-tampered-with-or-password-quot/td-p/6236906

After that I checked the keystore.db file in the tomcat conf folder and saw that it had a date that was previous to the other files in that folder.

During my uninstalls I noticed that somehow the changes I made to server.xml were persisted between installs, even if I used the OMCleanup tool to uninstall OMSA and deleted the folders. The only way I found to avoid this was deleting the server.xml file before uninstalling, so I did the same for the keystore.db file. I also restarted the server after the uninstall.

After that, reinstalled OMSA and now the keystore.db file had the same date as the other files (and it was after updated to today) and now I can use OMSA without problems.