Apple - There is a tiny icon on macOS dock that is not clickable!

Edit As pointed by many others (@nitive's comment below) there is a much easier way to fix this and it is killall Dock. Kudos to @nitive

Original long, boring, and not so efficient answer

LOL right after posting it, I found the answer

Fist: open the Dock config (plist):

open ~/Library/Preferences/

Second: Find the item in persistent-apps: VS Code

Third: Delete the item! In this case, "Item 14"

Forth: Save the file

Fifth: kill the Dock to force it to restart

Honestly, I was expecting it not to have the VS Code icon anymore but magically the icon reappeared there with the right size!

I'd recommend removing the app from the dock and then opening it again, that should restore the correct icon. There are a few ways to remove an app from the dock:

  1. If you can left click the icon you can drag it out.
  2. If you can't drag you can Ctrl+Click and choose Options > Keep in Dock.
  3. If no clicking is possible you can manually edit the dock plist file.