The script is installed in directory, which is not PATH

The answer to how can you fix it is in the very log you've posted.

Add the location "c:\users\рубена\appdata\local\programs\python\python37\Scripts" to the python path directory..

Rather than replicate instructions, you can follow this answer :-

Add Directory to Python Path

Will this cause any problems?

If you attempt to access that script without specifying the exact location, Python won't be able to find it... only you'll know if that actually causes an issue for you.

For Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Go to File Explorer.  Navigate to C: → Users → (your user name) → AppData → Local → Programs → Python → Python38-32 (your python version) → Scripts

  2. Copy this path, e.g.,
       C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32\Scripts

  3. Right click on the "Computer", "My Computer" or "This PC" icon → select "Properties".  Click on "Advanced system settings" (on the left side).  (Enter your administrator password when requested.)  In the "System Properties" window, click on "Environment Variables" (near the bottom).  In the "Environment Variables" window, search for PATH under "System Variables".  Select it and click on "Edit…".  Add a semicolon (";") to the variable value and paste the path you had copied in step 1.

  4. Close your Command Prompt window.  Open a new Command Prompt window.

You will now be able to run the commands you wanted to run.

For me, the solution posted by Stese didn't work and wasn't helpful at all, thus I am posting it to update the thread and help the community.

For those using MAC-OS

Solution 1:

Despite I had configured properly the $PYTHONPATH, the terminal still wasn't able to find the package installed.

So instead I opened the ~/.bashrc (or ~/.zshrc if you are using the new zsh, available for mac-os Catalina 10.15.x or newer) and pasted the following:

export PATH="${PATH}:/Users/caio.hc.oliveira/Library/Python/3.7/bin"
export PYTHONPATH="${PYTHONPATH}:/Users/caio.hc.oliveira/Library/Python/3.7/bin"

saved the file and restarted the terminal.

IMPORTANT: This is an example configured to my python's path. Find yours and substitute.

Solution 2:

If it is still not able to find the package, there is another possibility which is posting the alias pointing to the executable.

So in the same file ~/.bashrc (or if your using zsh it would be ~/.zshrc), you can just append at the end :

alias jupyter='/Users/caio.hc.oliveira/Library/Python/3.7/bin/jupyter'

Save it and restart the terminal.

IMPORTANT: This is an example configured to my python's path. Find yours and substitute.

you can use it to point at any executable ;)