The 'kotlin-android-extensions' Gradle plugin is deprecated

As "kotlin-android-extensions" is deprecated now it's better to use view binding.

For this first enable view binding in build.gradle file by writing these line of codes under android block.

buildFeatures {
    viewBinding true

then in activity file to use view binding features

first declare a global variable for binding as

private lateinit var binding:ActivityMainBinding

Here ActivityMainBinding is a auto generated class

then write these codes in OnCreate() method

binding = ActivityMainBinding.inflate(layoutInflater)

It's deprecated Base on the google document

Kotlin Android Extensions is deprecated, which means that using Kotlin synthetics for view binding is no longer supported.

for those who's wonder what the synthetic is. I should say a simple way to access to UI view id with kotlin which was possible by adding 'kotlin-android-extensions' in Gradle.

  • If your app uses Parcelable you can use 'kotlin-parcelize' instead of 'kotlin-android-extensions'.
  • If your app uses Kotlin synthetics for view binding, use this guide to migrate to Jetpack ViewBinding or Data Binding.

It's deprecated now

  • Remove 'Kotlin-android-extention' from the plugin. (Used for kotlin's synthetic way to access UI elements)

  • Add below to use view binding way to access UI element

    android {
       buildFeatures {
           viewBinding true
  • If your app contains Parcelable, please add 'kotlin-parcelize' in plugin to use a simple way to create parcelable by just adding @Parcelize annotation to class

You can see the Google guideline regarding this update.