Apple - The error "Keychain "login" cannot be found to store ..."

To fix this:

  • Run Keychain Access (found in /Applications/Utilities)
  • click "Keychain Access" in the menu bar at the top and select "Keychain First Aid".
  • Run the repair and then run verify.

That should fix it!

Here's a trick I tried with my MacBook Pro that seems to work:

  1. Turn on hidden files in Finder. Macworld has a good tutorial, just look for "view hidden files on mac." If you already have it turned on, skip to step 2.

  2. Open Keychain Access. You'll likely see a keychain called "login" that's in BOLD and had a blank square for an icon, probably corrupted.

  3. Click "File" >> "Add Keychain..."

  4. Use the following file path to choose an archived keychain: Macintosh HD (or whatever the name for your HD is) >> Users >> Admin (will have house icon next to it) >> Library >> Keychains >> login.keychain-randomcharacters.db <-- this file will look like your average temp file. Here's what my file path looked like: My file path Use the List View and sort by "Date Modified" to find an archived keychain from just before the problem appeared. I found one from the day before the crash.

  5. Click on the file, add it to the keychain. Close every program properly, Reboot the computer through the OS; don't hardboot if you can avoid it.

  6. If everything checks out, delete the old "login" keychain that's blank/weird. You're good to go. Hope it helps!

For the record, here's the specs I was working with My mac specs