TF400018: The local version table for the local workspace

I fixed the issues by deleting/ unbinding all workspaces in my TFS. after that i was able to reopen my projects without errors. I rebound them back in the change source control menu.

I had pending changes, so to play it safe, here's what I did;

  • back up your source directory. Since you can't connect to TFS, you can't shelve or similar, so make sure you've got a copy before trying anything.
  • rename $tf to, say __$tf. After this, TFS can't track the differences between your local disk and remote
  • get latest source code (I used tf.exe for this). All your pending changes now show up as merge conflicts.
  • open visual studio, and in "Pending Changes", choose "Actions | Resolve Conflicts (21)"
  • In the Resolve Conflicts window, choose 'Keep Local File Contents' for every file. You can ctrl+a to select all and then choose 'Keep Local File Contents' to do them all in a single shot.
  • If you've added any files, you'll need to add them back to source control - right-click in Solution Explorer and "Add file to source control"
  • When you check in, be careful of any changes colleagues might have made to the file you're editing.

I fixed this by renaming the $tf hidden folder in our working directory