TexLive 2018 Installation Error: Missing lz4

My fault, some code for testing during development remain on commit. Should be fixed with today's installer. Please grab a new copy.

PS: Thanks for the comments, indeed the Windows installer was broken. That should be fixed today (2018-05-23). Sorry for the inconveniences.

  1. First run install-tl-windows.exe and select unpack only.
  2. Then go to lz4 and download windows binaries.
  3. Make new folder named lz4 in <path to your extracted folder>/tlpkg/installer/
  4. Extract zipped file from lz4 into it.
  5. Download prebuild binaries from xz.
  6. Copy files from bin_x86-64 folder (zip file from xz) into <path to your extracted folder>/tlpkg/installer/xz
  7. Run install-tl-advanced.bat or install-tl-windows.bat

Hope this works for you too.