Apple - Terminator (Ubuntu) like app for OS X Yosemite

Use iTerm2. Can do most things that Terminator does.

There is hope in brew too:

$ brew search terminator

Here I would like to say too that, agreed ITerm2 is great but there might be use cases where terminator ... I mean the same terminator on Linux would shine such as better keyboard mappings for emacs out of the box or similar.

My solution to darting between Mac and Linux as a developer is to use tmux, which runs in the terminal on both platforms. You get an identical feature set, and you can even sync your config files between the two platforms for all your fave build shortcuts across terminal panes, and anything else you'll ever think of, I imagine.

tmux runs in a terminal, and from there you can divide up the terminal window as desired.

tmux runs in a terminal, so it's not sexy.