Supermicro IPMIView KVM Console does not work at all

Better answer and complete solution. The problem was the firmware for the IPMI on these boards was too old (not the same as the BIOS - updating the BIOS will not help in this case). Digging around SuperMicro's site (never did get a reply from them), I found the Firmware Revision of 3.20 & was able to install it. On the IPMI device tab, under "Device Information", you should see: Firmware Revision 3.20 IPMI Revision: 2.0 I can now see the KVM Console in both the IPMIView software and the browser (all of them) and still run the latest version of Java in the OS (Win8.1 and Win10). Maybe I'm blind, but I never did see this solution on SuperMicro's website.