sudo: conda: command not found

Well, I'm not used to find answers to my question this quickly, but for this one I did:

I had only to remove the sudo before the conda command.


All conda commands must be run without super user privileges.

Hope it can help someone in the future.

If you are getting a CondaIOError with conda command, it means that the conda directory does not have enough permissions to download and save new libraries.

Just execute these commands in terminal, and you'll be good to go:

sudo chown -R username /home/username/path-to-conda-folder/

sudo chmod -R +x /home/username/path-to-conda-folder/

Change username and path-to-conda-folder according to your PC.

Hope this helps! :)

You can do the following Before running the sudo command type

which conda

then use the full conda path

sudo ~/install/ananconda//5.1../etc install myPackageName