Chemistry - Sublimation of Iodine from Iodine Povidone

Solution 1:

A procedure is available on Erowid for this process.

Make or buy a coldfinger (see below), boil your fluid to absolute dryness, without burning the dry restant, then hang your coldfinger in an appropriate Erlenmeyer, and heat gently the now dry restant. Make your coldfinger fat-free with acetone first (on the outside where the I2 will condense). The I2 will sublimate from the solid form into the gas form, without getting a fluid first (that's sublimation), and the gaseous I2 will resublime from the gaseous form into the solid form against the cold wall from the coldfinger. A little bit will of course also resublime against the upper part of the Erlenmeyer, but that you can also scrape off later, when all your 10% I2 hangs on the cold glass walls.

Solution 2:

Yes you can because it is in a complex with the povidone. You just have to heat it a little bit extra. This is because a complex is "tangled up" molecules. In this case it is Povidone and Iodine. Nile Red used a different process (liquid-liquid extraction), but here is the link.