Chemistry - Strange Sticky Substance on Digital Camera

Solution 1:

After the lengthy back and forth perhaps an official answer is due: the blue salt deposit on the camera battery holder door is most likely copper(II) hydroxide by reaction of leaked alkaline battery electrolyte (likely $\ce{KOH}$) with copper metal in the battery door contact. It could possibly also consist of copper(II) carbonate hydroxide formed by reaction of the copper(II) hydroxide with carbon dioxide, but the deep blue rather than green color in the picture suggests it is the previous. Copper hydroxide is regarded as moderately hazardous, but you are unlikely to be at risk unless you ingest it. Feel free to consult a MSDS for this compound (such as here) for more information.

The sticky substance coating the camera is possibly a degradation product of plastic components in the camera housing. It is not likely to be toxic unless ingested or if you are in contact with it persistently.

Without more information about how the camera was maintained it is difficult to say much more.

Solution 2:

I agree with @BuckThorn on the blue corrosion but I'd like to address the sticky substance. If it is in fact a degradation product of the plastic or some other substance being exuded by the plastic, I've had good luck removing these with oil-based cleaning agents. None of the cleaning products you mentioned will help very much in removing a nonpolar organic substance.

Try rubbing a small area of stickiness with a cloth moistened in WD-40, Goof Off, Goo Gone or any similar oil based cleaning product. These should work on sticky fingers too. If one of these removes the stickiness on the camera without damaging the finish, you can carefully clean the rest of the camera.