Strange AQDefaultDevice logging

I got this problem when i using AVPlayer Foundation on iOS Simulator (xcode 8.1).However it doesn't log anymore on iOS devices. In my opinion it's a log bug.The player or the layer is destroyed.


i got this for you fix unwanted log messages

No, you do nothing wrong. This is a bug with logs in Xcode8 + iOS10.

We can get round it in this way (device and simulator need different values):

Add the Name OS_ACTIVITY_MODE and the Value ${DEBUG_ACTIVITY_MODE} and check it (in Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme -> Run -> Arguments -> Environment).

enter image description here

Add User-Defined Setting DEBUG_ACTIVITY_MODE, then add Any iOS Simulator SDK for Debug and set it's value to disable (in Project -> Build settings -> + -> User-Defined Setting)

enter image description here