Apple - Stopping false positive malware warnings in Catalina?

Unfortunately, this appears to be an issue with HP printer drivers and/or Catalina 10.15.7 - I'm one of many people with the same issue. Lots of us are reporting the same symptoms on the HP Support forums, but at the time of writing there's no fix. Based on experiences so far, HP are ignoring the issue, hanging up on phone calls, or claiming that you'll need to buy a new printer.

All indications at the moment are that there's some kind of issue with the driver signing. Using AirPrint may be a workaround.

I'll update this answer if anything substantial changes.

UPDATE: The issue has now been resolved. We can assume that Apple and/or HP has reinstated the code signing certificate, or added the signature to a whitelist, or some other behind-the-scenes magic. No user intervention was required for me - no reinstallation of drivers or anything else, the printer that was failing to start a few days ago now works without any problems.

Download new driver from hp support website can solve this problem. eg:

The HP certificates were revoked due to security breaches and it is not clear if Mac software is vulnerable or just that HP chose to revoke certificates used in both the vulnerable software and Mac software that was not compromised by these specific vulnerabilities.


The wording of Apple’s pop up did surprise many people, but these CVE are super severe so I don’t disagree with the decision to shut off / revoke all their certificates implicated in known problems and repackage the software they know is safe. It appears this all happened in less than 12 hours on a Friday.

We pushed this HP installer to thousands of Macs middle of the day yesterday and t restored all printing before Apple had the updates which we are applying as well to all computers.