Stop external USB keyboard repeating key presses on Vista

Solution 1:

Ahh... I've been through this with my Latitude D620 and my D630-derived Precision. In my case it is due to the PR01X port replicator and having the USB keyboard and USB Mouse (it judders) connected directly to the replicator. As a workaround plug the keyboard+mouse straight in to the USB on the side of the laptop.

For reference both the A02 versions of the replicator have this issue but an A00 one I have does not.

I hope that helps!

Solution 2:

Is it a wireless external keyboard? I have the same problem with my Logitech wireless external keyboard and it's because it loses wireless connectivity with the base randomly.

Refer to the following link:

One workaround for you to try is to tweak the key repeat delay and repeat rate in Control Panel > Keyboard, or disable key repeat entirely.