Android - Still can't change Google Play country

Method 1 (Requires 2 Phones signed in with same google account):

  1. Phone 1:

    • Open Google Play Store and Download HotSpot Shield or Zenmate. Once you have downloaded.
    • Clear cache and data of Google Play Store by going into Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store.
    • Now open VPN app (Zenmate) and Change your location to UK and connect the VPN. Open Google Play Store and Accepts the terms.
    • Accept the terms.
    • Now Move out of Google Play Store.
    • Do not exit the app from the background.
  2. Phone 2:

    • Now perform the following steps on Phone 2.
    • Clear cache and data of Google Play Store on Android Phone.
    • Open Google Play Store. You don’t need VPN on this phone.
    • This time, accept the terms and rules. It will take you to UK’s Google Play Store.
  3. Phone 1: Disconnect from VPN and Head back to Google Play Store.

Method 2: (Same thing on a single phone, but you will need VPN everytime you use Play)

  1. Install the VPN app provided by your VPN provider on your Android device.
  2. Choose a VPN server belonging to UK.
  3. Establish a VPN connection.
  4. On your Android device, go to Settings -> Apps.
  5. Under “Downloaded”, search for the Google Play Store app.
  6. Click on it.
  7. Press “Clear Data” and “Force Stop.”
  8. Exit settings.
  9. Relaunch the Google Play Store App.

I have tried Method 2, it worked for me. For both methods, you need a VPN which provides a UK server(free/paid depending on you).

Set server locations where you want your Google Play location to be, most of the VPN's provide free access to US servers.

I had a similar issue moving from Germany to the UK and spent over an hour on the phone with Google support.

In addition to what others already wrote above, I had to do two things:

  • Cancel any Google subscriptions you have on your old profile (I had to cancel my Google Play Music Family Plan)
  • Make sure you not only add a new country profile on, but also add a payment method from the new country

It takes between 24-48 hours for the Google system to process the new profile and to authorize the new payment method.

Only after waiting that long could I do what the others described: cleared cache and storage of the Google Play app (under Apps & Permissions on Android 9) and the new profile finally appeared under Accounts. It is crucial that at this point you need to have an IP address locating you in the country of the new profile, so you might need to use a VPN.

If none of this helps, the support also recommended to sign out of the Google account on your phone and sign in again.

I had the same problem as I moved from US to India a week back. Here are the steps I used to resolve this issue.

Go to google payments and create a new profile for UK

  • Go to and click on your current profile and click on edit option (symbol of a pen) available next to your listed country.
  • Now you will get an option to add a new profile for a different country

Go to google play store and change the profile

  • Click on settings and select Country and Profiles option.
  • Here you will be shown both the countries corresponding to your profiles which were created in Google payments
  • Select UK and start using google payments. Do remember that you can only change the country once every year.

I also had more than 20 dollars in my US profile, so I first spent the money on some useful apps to bring it below 10 dollars and then switched the profile. You need not do this if you don't have money in the old profile. Also you don't need to buy anything from google store just to change countries.