starting container process caused "exec: > \"exec\": executable file not found in $PATH": unknown

I changed it to:

ENTRYPOINT ["bash", "/zoom/"]

and it worked, dunno why tho

When you use the JSON-array form of ENTRYPOINT (or CMD or RUN), the command is run exactly as-is. There is no shell handling at all. exec, though, is what the standard refers to as a "special built-in utility"; it only exists within the context of a shell. Docker winds up looking for a /bin/exec or /usr/bin/exec tool, and it's not there, yielding that error message.

If you can just run the script as is (it's executable and has a correct "shebang" line #!/bin/sh or similar) then you don't need a modifier like exec. You can just specify it directly

CMD ["/zoom/"]