SSD -- Special settings for SSD as secondary drive?

Update: Here are some quotes from an (older) Microsoft presentation on SSDs

It mentions that if the SSD follows SATA guidelines, then Windows 7 is able to recognize it and adjust accordingly. Regardless of being the primary or secondary drive.

SSD can identify itself differently from HDD in ATA as defined by ATA8-ACS Identify Word 217: Nominal media rotation rate

Reporting non-rotating media will allow Windows 7to set Defrag off as default; improving device endurance by reducing writes

From the Windows 7 Storage Logo Proposal:

  • If “Trim” algorithm is applied, the “Trim” implementation must comply with ATA8-ACS2 proposal e07154r6 (Data Set Management Commands Proposal for ATA8-ACS2) section 5.3 and section 6.2. The completion time of Trim command should be less or equal to 20ms

  • SATA-IO certification is required for Solid State Drive (SSD) connected through SATA interface. More information on SATA-IO testing will be available on the SATA-IO Web site