SQLite with encryption/password protection

You can password protect SQLite3 DB. For the first time before doing any operations, set password as follows.

SQLiteConnection conn = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=MyDatabase.sqlite;Version=3;");

then next time you can access it like

conn = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=MyDatabase.sqlite;Version=3;Password=password;");

This wont allow any GUI editor to view Your data. Later if you wish to change the password, use conn.ChangePassword("new_password"); To reset or remove password, use conn.ChangePassword(String.Empty);

SQLite has hooks built-in for encryption which are not used in the normal distribution, but here are a few implementations I know of:

  • SEE - The official implementation.
  • wxSQLite - A wxWidgets style C++ wrapper that also implements SQLite's encryption.
  • SQLCipher - Uses openSSL's libcrypto to implement.
  • SQLiteCrypt - Custom implementation, modified API.
  • botansqlite3 - botansqlite3 is an encryption codec for SQLite3 that can use any algorithms in Botan for encryption.
  • sqleet - another encryption implementation, using ChaCha20/Poly1305 primitives. Note that wxSQLite mentioned above can use this as a crypto provider.

The SEE and SQLiteCrypt require the purchase of a license.

Disclosure: I created botansqlite3.

The .net library System.Data.SQLite also provides for encryption.