Specify route to an interface in Windows cmd

Solution 1:

To specify the interface in windows route command, you are supposed to use 'IF'... Uppercase letters, not lowercase.

Also, where you are specifying you want to add a route to a single IP, you need to use a subnet mask of

The subnet mask of specifies a single host. A subnet mask of specifies 192.168.0.X where X=1-254

So, your command should be:

route add mask IF 13

Looking again at your question, the best solution for you may be to use your LAN side like a normal 192.168.0.X network... But for the recorder server, I would recommend specifying a different network: Recorder server IP of, and then your second network interface should be This will eliminate the need to manually configure routes, and may simplify everything for you.

Solution 2:

This should work: 

route add mask

If you want persistence:

route -p add mask

Not sure what the "if" was for, but try this for cost:

route add mask metric 13