Setting the content language of cells in Excel

Here's a quick-and-dirty macro that you can hopefully adapt to your needs. As it is now, it will run a spell check in American English on Column A, and then run a spell check in Mexican Spanish in Column B. You can find the codes for supported languages here.

Sub multilanguageSC()
Dim rngEng As Range, rngSpa As Range

'Set ranges to check for each language.
Set rngEng = ActiveSheet.Range("A:A")
Set rngSpa = ActiveSheet.Range("B:B")

'Set spelling dictionary language to English (US).
Application.SpellingOptions.DictLang = 1033
'Check spelling for designated English range.

'Set spelling dictionary language to Spanish(Mexico).
Application.SpellingOptions.DictLang = 2058
'Check spelling for designated Spanish range.

'Set spelling dictionary back to default setting.
Application.SpellingOptions.DictLang = Application.LanguageSettings.LanguageID(msoLanguageIDUI)

End Sub