Session not created exception: Chrome version must be >= x.y.z when using Selenium Webdriver with Chrome

For those that have just had this problem going from Chrome 73 to 74 it might be because you are using chromedriver-helper. Apparently the chromedriver-helper gem was deprecated. I switched to using the webdrivers gem and it fixed the issue.

In Gemfile replace: gem 'chromedriver-helper'

With: gem 'webdrivers', '~> 3.0'

bundle install

This error message

session not created exception: Chrome version must be >= 64.0.3282.0 (Driver info: chromedriver=2.37.543610 (afd36256570660b5a2f0e4dbd1b040f3dcfe9cb5),platform=Linux 4.9.80-c9 x86_64)

…implies that Chrome version must be >= 64.0

Your main issue is the version compatibility between the binaries you are using as follows:

  • You are using chromedriver=2.37 which is still not GA hence we are not sure about the dependencies but from the error message its clear it won't be supporting Chrome v64.x


  • To be safer you can:
    • Either downgrade to chromedriver=2.36 where the Release Notes mentions Supports Chrome v63-65
    • Or upgrade to chrome=65.x
  • Clean your Project Workspace through your IDE and Rebuild your project with required dependencies only.
  • Use CCleaner tool to wipe off all the OS chores before and after the execution of your test Suite.
  • If your base Chrome version is too old, then uninstall it through Revo Uninstaller and install a recent GA and released version of Chrome.
  • Execute your @Test.

The following error Chrome version must be >= 64.0.3282.0, says it is NOT compatible with current chromedriver version 2.37

Updating chrome to latest version should solve the issue.

please refer to

Latest Release: ChromeDriver 2.36

Supports Chrome v63-65