Server 2008 robocopy access denied to user folders + /B error I don't understand

Solution 1:

Lessons Learned:

  1. "User Account Control" is still of the devil. It was causing access denied for domain admin to read the user files.

  2. Once UAC was disabled, I was still getting access denied. This turned out to be due to server 2008's use of JUNCTION POINTS in the user profile directories. This made an recursive loop like this:


So, when using robocopy vs. a 2008 server apparently /XJD and /XJF are pretty important. (Those are for "exclude junction points for files/directory").

After addressing both above points, no more problems.

Solution 2:

I'll post my solution here if it helps someone else.

You need to add user or group to following Local Security Settings

  • Security settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\Back up files and direcories
  • Security settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\Restore files and direcories