Sharepoint - Sequential Workflow Delay Activity won't resume

This is a bug in workflow runtime System.Workflow.Runtime.dll. And after I installed Sharepoint 2010 Service Pack 2 the issue has been solved.

To download SP2 , you should check

  • Install Sharepoint Server 2010 Service Pack 2
  • Install Sharepoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 2

Note :: it's heavily recommended to apply it first on your dev server.

based on what your saying sounds like the workflow time job is not kicking in the time that your waiting for hence why it would run when you restart the computer because the workflow timer service and the w3wp service have been refreshed and kicked in to action.

You can test it by doing:


net stop "Windows SharePoint Services Timer"

net start "Windows SharePoint Services Timer"




Restart-Service sptimerv4


That should reset w3wp and timer service to kick in and update the workflow instance.

Also note that the delay will not work if its set to 2 minutes and the workflow timer job is set to the default value of 5 minuets. you would need to reduce this value in central admin:

central admin -> left menu click "monitoring" -> left menu under "timer links" click "job definitions" -> go through list to find "workflow" and set to 2 minutes.

also note when a workflow is running it will run under the old instance, making changes and redeploying and doing the powershell which i have shown above should instate the new code for new activities. as an example:

the workflow is for a list, i create an item and the workflow is kicked off and running. In that time its still running i updated the workflow and redeployed.... the old instance of the workflow will still be in effect until you cancel the workflow and kick it off again to run the new version or create a new list item to run the new instance or do the code above (powershell), doing the powershell code will kill the old workflow and any progress will be lost as it resets any worker process that contains the workflows and the timerjobs.

let me know how you get on.