SendInBlue PHP API with Codeigniter

To get the autoload.php, you need to use Composer. This will resolve all dependencies and install/update them for you.

If you already have the entire SendInBlue API folder structure in the library location, you can only add in your controller, before class My_Class ... line require_once (APPPATH . 'vendor/autoload.php');


defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

// include manually module library - SendInBlue API
require_once (APPPATH . 'vendor/autoload.php');

class My_Class extends CI_Controller {

After that, you can follow the guide from Github: APIv3-php-library - Getting Started

If you get errors, means that your SendInBlue's structure is bad. I recommand you to use Composer

  1. Install Composer if is not installed - Installation - Linux / Unix / OSX or Installation - Windows
  2. Install SendinBlue's API with Composer - Github: APIv3-php-library - Installation & Usage
  3. Add autoload.php in your controller - see the previous example

Please add here the list of errors if you still have issues.