Selenium driver's page source different than browser

A coworker of mine has figured out the issue and a workaround. Essentially, after the page is done loading, it runs a javascript command that cleans up the DOM. What the "view page source" in the browser shows is not what the current state is. So running print driver.page_source or using any form of driver.find_element_by_[...] is pulling from the newest and freshest page data, while the browser's "view page source" only shows what was provided when the page first loaded. If you start 'inspecting' the page in Chrome, you will see the HTML is different than what the browser says the "page source" is. After reverse engineering the Javascript, we are able to run partyid = driver.execute_script('return accountdata.$partyId.val();') and get what was originally assigned. I hope this is enough info to help other people who may run into this issue in the future.