Select values from XML field in SQL Server 2008

Given that the XML field is named 'xmlField'...

[xmlField].value('(/person//firstName/node())[1]', 'nvarchar(max)') as FirstName,
[xmlField].value('(/person//lastName/node())[1]', 'nvarchar(max)') as LastName
FROM [myTable]

This post was helpful to solve my problem which has a little different XML format... my XML contains a list of keys like the following example and I store the XML in the SourceKeys column in a table named DeleteBatch:


Create the table and populate it with some data:

CREATE TABLE dbo.DeleteBatch (
    ExecutionKey INT PRIMARY KEY,
    SourceKeys XML)

INSERT INTO dbo.DeleteBatch ( ExecutionKey, SourceKeys )
    (CAST('<k>1</k><k>2</k><k>3</k>' AS XML))

INSERT INTO dbo.DeleteBatch ( ExecutionKey, SourceKeys )
    (CAST('<k>100</k><k>101</k>' AS XML))

Here's my SQL to select the keys from the XML:

SELECT ExecutionKey, p.value('.', 'int') AS [Key]
FROM dbo.DeleteBatch
    CROSS APPLY SourceKeys.nodes('/k') t(p)

Here's the query results...

ExecutionKey    Key
1   1
1   2
1   3
2   100
2   101

This may answer your question:

select cast(xmlField as xml) xmlField into tmp from (
select '<person><firstName>Jon</firstName><lastName>Johnson</lastName></person>' xmlField
union select '<person><firstName>Kathy</firstName><lastName>Carter</lastName></person>'
union select '<person><firstName>Bob</firstName><lastName>Burns</lastName></person>'
) tb

    xmlField.value('(person/firstName)[1]', 'nvarchar(max)') as FirstName
    ,xmlField.value('(person/lastName)[1]', 'nvarchar(max)') as LastName
FROM tmp

drop table tmp

Considering that XML data comes from a table 'table' and is stored in a column 'field': use the XML methods, extract values with xml.value(), project nodes with xml.nodes(), use CROSS APPLY to join:

    p.value('(./firstName)[1]', 'VARCHAR(8000)') AS firstName,
    p.value('(./lastName)[1]', 'VARCHAR(8000)') AS lastName
FROM table 
    CROSS APPLY field.nodes('/person') t(p)

You can ditch the nodes() and cross apply if each field contains exactly one element 'person'. If the XML is a variable you select FROM @variable.nodes(...) and you don't need the cross apply.