Save Ping Output in a text file

Use redirection, for example:

ping -t > filename.txt

This will redirect all (standard) output from the program into filename.txt, which will be created if it doesn't exist and overwritten if it does.

You can use >> instead of > to redirect the output to a file and append the results to the end of the file, instead of overwriting (with thanks to @Jane T for the reminder).

Note that you will not receive the normal on-screen output if you do this.

Update in response to comment

To delay between pings and record the time of each, you can do some scripting.

Here is a quick Windows batch file I've thrown together. It prints the time, pings Google, then waits for 3 seconds before repeating itself. I'm not a batch file expert so if anyone spots any problems please flag them up! And this probably isn't the "best" way to achieve what you are after - that might make for a separate question really.



time /T
ping -n 4
sleep -m 3000


Save this in a .bat file somewhere, edit the ping target and delay time as you need it, then run the .bat using redirection to pump the output of the whole thing to a file. You may need to replace the sleep -m 3000 command with timeout /T 3 depending on your Windows version.

Note that this batch file never ends, but can be terminated by Ctrl + C and then Y if run from cmd. (You must press Y because it asks if you want to stop the batch file - even though you cannot see the question because you've redirected the output!)

You can use:

> ping -t > ping-results

If you are using the command prompt just redirect it to a text file using this format

ping > ping.txt

That will do it.