Run individual Detox test

Edit: Turns out you don't need the -f flag at all.

You can just do detox test /path/to/yourTest.spec.js and it works for single files (tested on v14.4.1).


I ended up using the -f parameter for testing a specific test.

detox test -f /path/to/yourTest.spec.js

Came across it from the repo. Looks like it may have been updated.

Consider the following code for running particular suite

describe.only('App screen', () => {
    beforeEach(async () => {
        await device.reloadReactNative();

In the above code "Only" will run the whole test suite.

Consider the following code for running particular test case

it.only('should write into TextInputs', async () => {
            await element("input")).typeText("Detox Automation POC-Test for enter text and delete text");
            await element("input")).clearText();
            await element("input")).replaceText("Bye");

In the above code "Only" will run the particular test case.

Detox is test runner agnostic, you can actually use which ever test runner you want. The only thing we did is try to make dev life easier by creating detox-cli, which currently only works with mocha and jest, but you can easily extend it to any other runner. While I agree the implementation of detox-cli is not perfect (params are not being passthrough from to test runner, and generally it needs a bit of work), its pretty easy to add whatever you want in detox-test.js.

Actual answer:
In the meantime, the fastest way to to run individual test is by using only to to mark the suites/tests you want to run: describe.only and it.only.

workaround can be helpfull. Did it also for ssh-channel to remote host with detox through ssh:

  1. create another folder for tests (not e2e, f.E. "temp-tests") on the same folder-structure level.
  2. copy all your tests to temp-tests
  3. write small script and start it from "e2e" folder. It will :

    delete all tests in e2e, then will take only one test from "temp-tests" and put it to "e2e" folder and start it.

4 (optional) also one can write saving of mocha-report into another file for each test for reporting issues.

script: //////////////////////////////////////////// rm *.spec.js cd ../run-tests cp unique-testname ../e2e/ detox test --configuration yourapp.initial