Apple - Ruby on OS X 10.9 Ignoring gems because extensions are not built

In my case I start to see this errors after installing rvm

I resolve such problem with: gem pristine --all

This problem occurs, if a gem was compiled against a different libruby as the currently running. For example, if one uses a ruby located in his home directory with chruby and installs gems to ~/.gem/ruby, but runs a script which calls /usr/bin/ruby, which reuses the gems installed there. In this case gem pristine --all will not help, because the gems can be linked only against one ruby version.

I recently switched to from rvm to chruby and ran gem update --system, thats when the issue began occurring for me. After that, anytime I ran bundle I was slaughtered with the same warnings. Still not sure which caused the issue.

Ignoring curb-0.8.6 because its extensions are not built. Try: gem pristine curb-0.8.6

Not sure what fixed it, but I did 2 things and the warning disappeared:

gem uninstall bundler
gem install bundler

gem install curb