Return custom object from Spring Data with Native Query

Found the answer on another post. Basically I used SqlResultSetMapping along with ConstructorResult (no other way worked out) with a special attention to a comment on the accepted answer of the mentioned post: you need to add the @NamedNativeQuery annotation to the entity of the used interface AND prepend the entity's name with a . otherwise it won't work.


@Table(name = "grupo_setorial")
        name = "mapeamentoDeQuadrantes",
        classes = {
                        targetClass = Coordenada.class,
                        columns = {
                                @ColumnResult(name = "latitude"),
                                @ColumnResult(name = "longitude")
        name = "GrupoCensitario.obterPerimetroDosSetores",
        query = "SELECT latitude as latitude, longitude as longitude FROM coordenadas where id_setor IN (:setores)",
        resultSetMapping = "mapeamentoDeQuadrantes"
public class GrupoCensitario {

This is and Here is a project that demonstrates the issue.

@Query(value = "SELECT name AS name, age AS age FROM Person", nativeQuery = true)
List<PersonSummary> findAllProjectedNativeQuery();

It is fixed in the Spring Data JPA 2.0 GA (Kay) release which comes with Hibernate 5.2.11.

The issue is also fixed for Spring Data 1.10.12 (Ingalls) and 1.11.8 (Hopper) but will need to be run on Hibernate 5.2.11 to work.

You will have to use sql result set mapping which is part of JPA.