Android - Reset ringtone picker preferences

You can use Handcent app as the default ringtone picker. To set Handcent as default ringtone picker, go to

Settings | Applications | Manage Applications | All | Android System (Sound picker for SE phones)

Click 'Clear Defaults' button.

Clear Defaults

After this, When you are choosing a ringtone, You will be presented with a dialog box asking you to select one of the application as ringtone picker. Enable the 'Use by default for this action' Check-box and select Handcent. This will set Handcent as your default ringtone picker.

in android 4.1/4.2 etc etc its called "media storage" (the one you clear the defaults of)

ya i did just actually go through the whole list and pick it out of ALL of them .. and OMFG IT WORKED ..

hey, sorry im late, but, people seem to be clicking these defaults and not knowing how to clear them (like me) then they go and search for it and nobody knows ..

im actually kind of thankful that it wasnt something more difficult to find, so .. there you go . . "media storage" on samsung galaxy s2 android 4.1

For those that have Samsung 8 the place to reset the default apps is Settings|Apps|App Manager| Go to the Three dots on top right and from the pull-down select Reset app preferences