Remove trailing whitespace at the end of table cells

OK, I've been digging around the Word VBA object model and came up with this (Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions 5.5 enabled):

Sub TrimCellSpaces()
    Dim myRE As New RegExp
    Dim itable As Table
    Dim C As Cell
    myRE.Pattern = "\s+(?!.*\w)"
    For Each itable In ThisDocument.Tables
        For Each C In itable.Range.Cells
            With myRE
                C.Range.Text = .Replace(C.Range.Text, "")
            End With
End Sub

Interestingly enough, my inital attempt (using Trim(C.Range.Text)) didn't remove the spaces, on the contrary, it added a paragraph marker at the end of each cell. Puzzled by this, I tried a regex \s+$ with the same results. Inspecting the local object tree, I found that a cell that contained the text Note  actually contained Note \x0d\x0d\x07 (I have since found out why this is the case). That's why I had to use that weird regex to find the last spaces in a cell...