Remove newlines in file names

Using the utility rename from util-linux, which CentOS 6 provides, and assuming bash:

rename $'\n' '' wget_*

This asks to delete newline characters from the names of listed files. I recommend trying it out on a small subset to ensure it does what you want it to (note that rename on CentOS 7 supports a -v switch to show you what changes it is making).

If instead you were on a distribution that provides the Perl-based rename:

rename -n 's/\n//g' wget_*

And then run without -n to actually perform the renaming.

Building on what was already answered, I've generalized it to rename all files containing line feed in current folder and sub-folder, by combining find command with rename -

find -name $'*\n*' -exec rename  $'s|\n| |g' '{}' \;

Here, find command locates all files containing line feed and rename command replaces every line feed in the name with a space.

The same can be done for any other such problematic characters such as carriage return (\r).