remove class via jquery code example

Example 1: jquery remove class

Basic Syntax:
$(element).removeClass( "myClass yourClass" )
Html code example:
<p class="red highlight">test1</p>
<p class="red highlight marked">test2</p>
<p class="red highlight">test3</p>
<p class="red highlight">test4</p>

// remove all highlight class from p tag
	$( "p" ).removeClass( "highlight" )

// output after execution of this code
<p class="red">test1</p>
<p class="red marked">test2</p>
<p class="red">test3</p>
<p class="red">test4</p>

Example 2: jquery remove and add class

$( "#foo" ).toggleClass( 'className', addOrRemoveOptional );

if ($( "#foo" ).hasClass('className')) {
	$( "#foo" ).removeClass( 'className');
} else {
  $( "#foo" ).addClass( 'className');