Remove accents from String

java.text.Normalizer is there in Android (on latest versions anyway). You can use it.

EDIT For reference, here is how to use Normalizer:

string = Normalizer.normalize(string, Normalizer.Form.NFD);
string = string.replaceAll("[^\\p{ASCII}]", "");

(pasted from the link in comments below)

I've ajusted Rabi's solution to my needs, I hope it helps someone:

private static Map<Character, Character> MAP_NORM;
public static String removeAccents(String value)
    if (MAP_NORM == null || MAP_NORM.size() == 0)
        MAP_NORM = new HashMap<Character, Character>();
        MAP_NORM.put('À', 'A');
        MAP_NORM.put('Á', 'A');
        MAP_NORM.put('Â', 'A');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ã', 'A');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ä', 'A');
        MAP_NORM.put('È', 'E');
        MAP_NORM.put('É', 'E');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ê', 'E');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ë', 'E');
        MAP_NORM.put('Í', 'I');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ì', 'I');
        MAP_NORM.put('Î', 'I');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ï', 'I');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ù', 'U');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ú', 'U');
        MAP_NORM.put('Û', 'U');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ü', 'U');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ò', 'O');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ó', 'O');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ô', 'O');
        MAP_NORM.put('Õ', 'O');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ö', 'O');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ñ', 'N');
        MAP_NORM.put('Ç', 'C');
        MAP_NORM.put('ª', 'A');
        MAP_NORM.put('º', 'O');
        MAP_NORM.put('§', 'S');
        MAP_NORM.put('³', '3');
        MAP_NORM.put('²', '2');
        MAP_NORM.put('¹', '1');
        MAP_NORM.put('à', 'a');
        MAP_NORM.put('á', 'a');
        MAP_NORM.put('â', 'a');
        MAP_NORM.put('ã', 'a');
        MAP_NORM.put('ä', 'a');
        MAP_NORM.put('è', 'e');
        MAP_NORM.put('é', 'e');
        MAP_NORM.put('ê', 'e');
        MAP_NORM.put('ë', 'e');
        MAP_NORM.put('í', 'i');
        MAP_NORM.put('ì', 'i');
        MAP_NORM.put('î', 'i');
        MAP_NORM.put('ï', 'i');
        MAP_NORM.put('ù', 'u');
        MAP_NORM.put('ú', 'u');
        MAP_NORM.put('û', 'u');
        MAP_NORM.put('ü', 'u');
        MAP_NORM.put('ò', 'o');
        MAP_NORM.put('ó', 'o');
        MAP_NORM.put('ô', 'o');
        MAP_NORM.put('õ', 'o');
        MAP_NORM.put('ö', 'o');
        MAP_NORM.put('ñ', 'n');
        MAP_NORM.put('ç', 'c');

    if (value == null) {
        return "";

    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(value);

    for(int i = 0; i < value.length(); i++) {
        Character c = MAP_NORM.get(sb.charAt(i));
        if(c != null) {
            sb.setCharAt(i, c.charValue());

    return sb.toString();