Reflection - Call constructor with parameters

Well, you can create your own Factory, and write a method, that checks constructors for the type and runs first parameterized ctor with its default values:

public static class MyFactory
    public static T MyCreateInstance<T>()
        where T : class
        return (T) MyCreateInstance(typeof (T));

    public static object MyCreateInstance(Type type)
        var parametrizedCtor = type
            .FirstOrDefault(c => c.GetParameters().Length > 0);

        return parametrizedCtor != null
            ? parametrizedCtor.Invoke
                    .Select(p =>
                        p.HasDefaultValue? p.DefaultValue :
                        p.ParameterType.IsValueType && Nullable.GetUnderlyingType(p.ParameterType) == null
                            ? Activator.CreateInstance(p.ParameterType)
                            : null
            : Activator.CreateInstance(type);

And then use this method:

var classType = loadedAssemblies
            .Where(a => a != null && a.FullName.StartsWith("MY."))
            .SelectMany(a => a.GetTypes())

var curObject = MyFactory.MyCreateInstance(classType);

// This will return an array of values

object[] values = classType
                 .Select(f => f.GetValue(curObject))

P.S. Here is a DotNet fiddle example.


The code is changed according to scenario you work with. Now we have two methods, one returns object, and another one that can convert it to type T.

I've also updated the DotnetFiddle, please check it.

You can make a helper method to get default value of a type:

private static object GetDefaultValue(Type type)
    if (type.IsEnum) return type.GetEnumValues().GetValue(0);
    if (type.IsValueType) return Activator.CreateInstance(type);
    return null;

Then, you can get default values of the parameters:

var parameters = constructor.GetParameters()
                            .Select(p => GetDefaultValue(p.ParameterType))

And invoke the ConstructorInfo to get the instance:

var obj = constructor.Invoke(parameters);

If the constructor's parameters have default values and you want to use them, you can do something like this:

var parameters = constructor
    .Select(p => p.HasDefaultValue ? p.RawDefaultValue : GetDefaultValue(p.ParameterType))