Redis (error) NOAUTH Authentication required

Solution 1:

1. redis-cli
2. auth yourpassword
3. shutdown
4. sudo service redis_6379 start

Solution 2:

Setting the requirepass configuration directive causes the server to require password authentication with the AUTH command before sending other commands. The redis.conf file states that clearly:

Require clients to issue AUTH before processing any other
commands. This might be useful in environments in which you do not trust
others with access to the host running redis-server.

Solution 3:

  1. Make sure you have redis-cli installed.
  2. Just use following command.

    redis-cli -h -p port -a yourpassword

Solution 4:

first run


then after the prompt run> AUTH your_password

if all ok you get the OK

Solution 5:

comment requirepass (line 480 mostly) in redis.conf file if uncommented.