Redirecting wildcard email to one email with postfix

Solution 1:

As have said mschuett, you can use regexp

First check that postfix supports regexp:

root @ mail / # postconf-m | grep regexp
root @ mail / #

Create the file /etc/postfix/aliases-regexp and add to it your regexp

root @ mail / # cat /etc/postfix/aliases-regexp
/notification-message-[0-9]+@example\.net/ [email protected]
root @ mail / #

Run postmap and check whether it works:

root @ mail / # postmap /etc/postfix/aliases-regexp
root @ mail / # postmap -q [email protected] regexp:/etc/postfix/aliases-regexp
[email protected]
root @ mail / #

If everything is OK, add this file to your alias database


root @ mail / # cat /etc/postfix/ | grep ^alias_maps
alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases regexp:/etc/postfix/aliases-regexp
root @ mail / #

If you are using virtual domains, add this file to your virtual_alias_maps


root @ mail / # cat /etc/postfix/ | grep ^virtual_alias_maps
virtual_alias_maps = mysql:/etc/postfix/mysql/alias.conf regexp:/etc/postfix/aliases-regexp
root @ mail / #

Do not forget to restart postfix.

Good luck!

Solution 2:

Alias maps (virtual, local, ...) will work in combination with the regexp_table format. But if you have compiled in PCRE, then you can also use the pcre_table format.

Otherwise you should search for "Postfix catch-all" which is a bit more greedy.

Solution 3:

I'd be inclined to solve this using recipient_delimiter.

If you don't mind using slightly different Reply-To addresses, you can set:

recipient_delimiter = +

in your config, and then mail to e.g. [email protected] (note the +) will be delivered to the notification user (assuming there are no more-specific rules/users matching notification+message-988742).

You could try setting recipient_delimiter = - (so that you could use the Reply-To headers as they are in the question) but I'm not sure how that would work with multiple instances of the delimiter on the left-hand side, and I don't have a Postfix to hand to check.