ReactJS: Maximum update depth exceeded error

You should pass the event object when calling the function :

{<td><span onClick={(e) => this.toggle(e)}>Details</span></td>}

If you don't need to handle onClick event you can also type :

{<td><span onClick={(e) => this.toggle()}>Details</span></td>}

Now you can also add your parameters within the function.

that because you calling toggle inside the render method which will cause to re-render and toggle will call again and re-rendering again and so on

this line at your code

{<td><span onClick={this.toggle()}>Details</span></td>}

you need to make onClick refer to this.toggle not calling it

to fix the issue do this

{<td><span onClick={this.toggle}>Details</span></td>}

Forget about the react first:
This is not related to react and let us understand the basic concepts of Java Script. For Example you have written following function in java script (name is A).

function a() {


Q.1) How to call the function that we have defined?
Ans: a();

Q.2) How to pass reference of function so that we can call it latter?
Ans: let fun = a;

Now coming to your question, you have used paranthesis with function name, mean that function will be called when following statement will be render.

<td><span onClick={this.toggle()}>Details</span></td>

Then How to correct it?
Simple!! Just remove parenthesis. By this way you have given the reference of that function to onClick event. It will call back your function only when your component is clicked.

 <td><span onClick={this.toggle}>Details</span></td>

One suggestion releated to react:
Avoid using inline function as suggested by someone in answers, it may cause performance issue. Avoid following code, It will create instance of same function again and again whenever function will be called (lamda statement creates new instance every time).
Note: and no need to pass event (e) explicitly to the function. you can access it with in the function without passing it.

{<td><span onClick={(e) => this.toggle(e)}>Details</span></td>}