React native base headers for ios not found

Do you have Parallelize build option unchecked and React listed first in your build targets?

You can find this window in Xcode => Your project icon near the run button => Edit scheme => Build tab

Update: solution on Facebook React-Native


This issue happened to me also. It seems React.xcodeproj only recognise configuration Debug and Release. All of output of React.xcodeproj is written into Debug-iphonesimulator or Release-iphonesimulator.

That means if you have some configurations other than "Debug/Release", the output will still be written into Debug-iphonesimulator or Release-iphonesimulator, that is not what we want.

So the solution is to add a same configuration in React.xcodeproj to match the one of your own project.

For example, if you have "Debug/Release/Test/AppStore" 4 configurations in your own project, you have to make sure React.xcodeproj also has the same 4 configurations.

please click the "+" button of Configurations, then "Duplicate Release Configuration", and rename it according to you need.

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