RabbitMQ - Send a JSON message

From the official docs:

AMQP messages also have a payload (the data that they carry), which AMQP brokers treat as an opaque byte array. The broker will not inspect or modify the payload. It is possible for messages to contain only attributes and no payload. It is common to use serialisation formats like JSON, Thrift, Protocol Buffers and MessagePack to serialize structured data in order to publish it as the message payload. AMQP peers typically use the "content-type" and "content-encoding" fields to communicate this information, but this is by convention only.

So basically, RabbitMQ has no knowledge on JSON, messages all are just byte arrays to it

From NodeJS Context:

If we want to send JSON object as message, we may get the following error:

The first argument must be of type string or an instance of Buffer, ArrayBuffer, or Array or an Array-like Object. Received an instance of Object

So, we can convert the JSON payload as string and parse it in the worker. We stringify the JSON object before sending the data the Queue-

let payloadAsString = JSON.stringify(payload);

And from worker's end, we can then JSON.parse

let payload = JSON.parse(msg.content.toString());
//then access the object as we normally do, i.e. :
let id = payload.id;