Definition - End of File (EOF) what does it mean? 

All about EOF and EOF ERROR in programming when reading a line

Eoferror in programming is a bug that appears quite a lot when using eof function. There are many types of Eof errors that development encounters. And one...
Module in Python 

Module and modulenotfounderror- Learn about module and modulenotfounderror in Python in details

Modules are used to classify code into smaller parts that are related to each other. In other words, the module helps you organize Python code logically to...
Create a dataframe

How to Split data with DataFrame in Python- Here is the way?

In Python, we can collect and clean up data, but with such numbers it's hard to recognize the rules or have ideas for taking the next steps....
Dealing with objects that the json module does not support

How to handle Json with Python- Here’s the solution

Json (JavaScript Object Notation) is a format standard used to store and exchange data between processes. As the name suggests, Json was originally part of JavaScript, but...
Common Syntax Problems

Syntax Errors in Python: Common Causes of SyntaxError Errors

Python is famous for its simple syntax.However, when you're learning Python for the first time or when you come to Python with a solid foundation in another...
Some Python tips for "newbies"- The most useful tips when learning Python 

Some Python tips for “newbies”- The most useful tips when learning Python

What's the best way to learn Python? This is probably one of the most common questions that wet-footed "newbies" enter the world of Python asking and learning....
@Property decorator in Python

Property in Python and related knowledge that you need to know

Property is a special member of the Python class that allows access and access control to a specific instance attribute. Property is important and is recommended for...
How can we tackle the OSError

Every you need to know about OSError and how to fix it

OSError is an error that users often encounter when using computers. Computer users equipped with Windows operating systems are certainly no stranger to this error. But if...
Import order in Python

Module in Python: How to Create and Use an Existing Module

In this article we will learn how to create modules in Python. Through this article you will understand what the concept of module is? How to call...
Some exceptions generated by Python

The Complete Guide to Exception Error in Python Latest Update 2021

Python usually throws exceptions when an error occurs during execution. I will learn with you about the different built-in exceptions in this language. Invites you to read...
Command if... else

Learn Python in detail and function if else with the most...

In this article, you'll learn more about the most common command in Python that is if. If you've ever learned a different programming language,...
Tools for running Python on Android

Some tools running Python on Android