Python Requests - Dynamically Pass HTTP Verb

Just use the request() method. First argument is the HTTP verb that you want to use. get(), post(), etc. are just aliases to request('GET'), request('POST'):

verb = 'POST'
response = requests.request(verb, headers=self.auth,
     url=self.API + '/zones/' + str(zID) + '/dns_records',
     data={"type":record[0], "name":record[1], "content":record[2]}

With the request library, the requests.request method can be relied on directly (as Guillaume's answer suggested).

However, when encountering against libraries that don't have a generic method for methods that have similar calling signatures, getattr can be supplied with the name of the desired method as a string with a default value. Maybe like

action = getattr(requests, verb, None)
if action:
    action(headers=self.auth, url=self.API + '/zones/' + str(zID) + '/dns_records', data={"type":record[0], "name":record[1], "content":record[2]})
    # handle invalid action as the default value was returned

For the default value it can be a proper action, or just leave it out and an exception will be raised; it's up to you how you want to handle it. I left it as None so you can deal with alternative case in the else section.