python function writing code example

Example 1: how to define function in python

def example():			#This defines it
  print("Example.")		#This is the defined commands

example()				#And this is the commands being run

Example 2: python functions

# Python Functions
def a_function(): #def FUNCTIONNAMEHERE(): Function content
  print("Hello World!")
  return 0
def answerValid(prompt, correct_answers, invalid): # Functions can also have parameters, or variables that can be used only in tha function
  while True:
    user = input(prompt)
    if user in correct_answers:
      return user # Example Function

a_function() # To call a function; Prints 'Hello World!'
# But if this is done:
function_called = a_function() # function_called would contain a 0, because the function returns 0
answer = answerValid("What is 8 * 8?", [64], "Invalid Option")
print(answer) # Prints 64, because that is the only possible answer