python code to print even number between 1 to 1000 code example

Example 1: python 3 numbers of a range is even

lst = []

for i in range(1000,3001):
    flag = 1
    for j in str(i):          # every integer number i is converted into string
        if ord(j)%2 != 0:     # ord returns ASCII value and j is every digit of i
            flag = 0          # flag becomes zero if any odd digit found
    if flag == 1:
        lst.append(str(i))    # i is stored in list as string


Example 2: python 3 numbers of a range is even

def check(element):
    return all(ord(i)%2 == 0 for i in element)  # all returns True if all digits i is even in element

lst = [str(i) for i in range(1000,3001)]        # creates list of all given numbers with string data type
lst = list(filter(check,lst))                   # filter removes element from list if check condition fails