Proliant ML310e Gen8 Smart Array Predicted Failure Issue with SSD

But the OCZ SSD isn't working fine... It's probably not reporting its temperature properly to the controller.

Your HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 server has an embedded "Dynamic" Smart Array B120i controller on the motherboard. This is a "softraid" device. Is this the only disk in the server? It's not clear from your question. If not, where are the other disks connected?

There are so many limitations with this setup, that I'm not sure what to tell you.

  • This is a software-assisted RAID controller.
  • Only 2 of its 6 ports are 6Gbps. That's why I'm asking what else is inside the server.
  • It only supports SATA devices.
  • Many situations require disabling RAID functionality.
  • No cache.

Your specific issue may just be the OCZ drive (they're bankrupt anyway). Try with another SSD if you can.


I would skip using an non-RAID SSD in this server and just rely on your (4?) internal disk bays.

In the HP ProLiant world, you can create multiple logical drives on a physical array. So, take your group of disks, using the Array Configuration Utility to carve out a 120GB logical drive for your OS, then allocate the rest of the space for the data. The Smart Array B120i supports 8 logical drives, so that's the smoothest way to handle this... unless you need an SSD. But it doesn't seem to be necessary for this server.