Project structure shortcut key not working in Android Studio?

I'm using 3.5.1 Version of Android Studio and according to the official document, it shows exactly what are they written in doc.

Here is the official DOC

According to the document Control+Alt+Shift+S, it shows me this dialogue

Setting of Key Map

enter image description here

The Docs says, it'll open up the project structure dialog by pressing shortcut CtrlAltShiftS as given in here. But still, if you can't open that project structure window by shortcut, there should be an issue with your keybindings. Go to Preferences > Keymap and check for it or press Ctrl+Shift+A and start typing the name of a command and it will show you all matching commands and their key bindings if they have one. That's really convenient for looking up the key shortcut for something if you have a hint of what it's called.

In most dialogs/windows there's a search box, and you can usually just start typing to start a search. It's especially good for preferences, where there are so many options that are hard to find.

As a quick fix, you can modify the key-binding for the project structure dialog as given in the screenshot.

MacOS Android Studio Key-Binding