Product custom attribute import with CSV Magento 2.2

  1. Upload from the default CSV generated by Magento

Yes you need to fill all your custom attributes into the single column named additional_attributes_code.

Just simply put all your custom attribute in following way into the column with name additional_attributes_code into your imported CSV file.


After this simply upload your CSV file.

  1. Upload with some changes into the CSV generated from the Magento

You also can create different columns with the attribute_code of your custom attributes & fill the data into it & upload the file. It will works with it as well.

Note: First upload a single product manually & download the csv file from your admin & do corrections into it only & use only that file for uploading/Updating the products.

I will recommend the First one because as of you will have more no. of attributes & more no of attribute sets you need to insert more no of columns into your CSV file so better would be upload it into a single column it will reduce your time for this data entry stuff as of you are using CSV upload for that intention only.

Hope This will help!

Thank You!

I have made one more test case and tried to upload with the name of attribute in csv. Instead of "additional_attributes" I have directly added name of a column and tried to upload value of a custom attribute and it worked.

So both ways are working. we can specify under "additional_attributes" as well as we can directly give attribute name to upload value of custom attributes.