Prevent gnu screen from resizing display size

Try adding this (from /etc/screenrc) to your ~/.screenrc:

# Change the xterm initialization string from is2=\E[!p\E[?3;4l\E[4l\E>
# (This fixes the "Aborted because of window size change" konsole symptoms found
#  in bug #134198)
termcapinfo xterm* 'is=\E[r\E[m\E[2J\E[H\E[?7h\E[?1;4;6l'

You may need to change the "xterm" to match your $TERM.

The termcapinfo line sets is (ininitialization string) for any terminal with a name starting with "xterm" to a sequence of escape codes. \E represents escape and the codes are as follows:

\E[r       - set scrolling region to default (full size of window)
\E[m       - reset all resources (keyboard) to their initial values
\E[2J      - Erase in Display (ED). 2 -> Erase All.
\E[H       - set cursor position to default (1, 1)
\E[?7h     - DEC Private Mode Set. 7 -> Wraparound Mode
\E[?1;4;6l - DEC Private Mode Reset. 1 -> Normal Cursor Keys; 4  -> Jump (Fast) Scroll; 6 -> Normal Cursor Mode

The replaced line had these codes:

\E[!p      - Soft terminal reset
\E[?3;4l   - DEC Private Mode Reset. 3 -> 80 Column Mode; 4 -> Jump (Fast) Scroll
\E[4l      - Reset Mode. 4 -> Replace Mode
\E>        - Normal keypad

(source: XTerm Control Sequences)


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